Monday, June 30, 2008

You won't believe this............

I'm actually going to post some KNITTING!!! Shocking, I know. Hey, we can't ALL be Turtlegirls posting one FO after another - sheesh. Some people just make the rest of us slack knitters look bad, ya know?

I have been working on a simple drop stitch scarf - just to see how some of the alpaca knits up (it is dreamy by the way). Of course I realize 3/4 of the way into the scarf that I should have crocheted it because it would have gone a BUNCH faster!

Remember Mr. Snake that Mr. Man relocated yesterday? Yeah well, guess who's back? I just took this picture out of my office window. See his head sticking out of the water? I don't anticipate we will be having fish in our small pond much longer.

And we had a large toad visiting today on the deck for a while.

Then I guess she has some offspring running around because then Mr. Man found this teeny weenie toad - Sharpie added for size comparison - HEY we had to grab what we had close by ok?!?!

And, of course, obligatory kitten photos.

Slim loves him some baby kittehs!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Veggies

Check out what we picked out of the garden this morning - YUM!! Tonight is fresh caught trout with homemade pesto (hence the basil and parsley), mashed potatoes, garden picked green beans (from the Blue Ridge farmer's market) and squash. Who's coming over for dinner??? Please make your reservation by 4.

In other news - I think Slim is really starting to like the kittens! They are completely enamored of him. They think he walks on water........This is Goose with Slim and Willow off to the side.

Here's the snake Mr. Man caught this morning. He was in our little pond (trying to eat all of our little fish in there no doubt). He has been relocated to the larger pond where there are many more fish for him to eat and fish that we didn't pay for that he can eat more cheaply! He is a Northern Water Snake. The picture ain't great but we couldn't exactly ask the big guy to pose for a photo shoot now could we?

Here are some other random pictures I have taken around this place lately.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I've been spinning.....................

See??? Look how fast I am.

Haha - RIGHT. Does anyone think that my yarn stash might be getting just a LITTLE out of control??? Nah..............

Actually, I just got a huge batch of yarn in for Amia Yarn Company so I was going through it this morning to get everything inventoried and put on the site. Hopefully, all of this will be up on the site by Monday. We have gotten tons of yarns in! Amazing. We are going to get a warehouse space at Georgia Mountain Fiber soon because this is getting crazy!

Right now we are running a Grand Opening special on the site so be sure to check it out! Also, I will be starting a contest next week so that you can actually win some of this yummy stuff! I will have more alpaca and some VERY nice llama up next week also.

A few new yarn bowls are up.

In other news - Mr. Man finished the base of the deck and we moved the hot tub out onto it this morning. Now he just has to build the railing and it will be all done! Whew! Moving the hot tub sure freed up some space on the patio! I can't wait to get this baby filled up. We sure have been missing it these past few months.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For Claudia

I wanted to post yesterday but I just couldn't. Claudia, I know we were not close friends by any means but I just haven't been able to stop thinking about you. Mine and Wayne's thoughts are with you as you travel this path we call life. Wayne took pictures last week of the morning sun and night moon. I thought they would be most fitting to post here together.

The sun and moon influence the winds of change..................

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Fun

Yesterday we took a drive and we had a blast! We stopped by the Ocoee Whitewater Center and took some cool pictures. We will definitely be going back to this place for some hiking, kayaking and rafting - who wants to come?!?!?! These people looked like they were having so much fun!!!!

Then we took a drive on a forest service road. We got an amazing picture of this beautiful owl. He was really big and his wingspan was just huge!

And we saw this box turtle laying some eggs:

Then this morning there was some hanky panky going on in the pond:

All in all it was a great weekend with almost no knitting accomplished.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


LOOK what I got in the mail!!

These are yummy merino rovings and the top one was especially dyed for me!! I love both of them - the bottom one is "Kermie". These are hand dyed and come to me from Germany via Heather. Her husband has kidnapped her unwillingly and is holding her hostage in Germany. Well, not really, he is in the US military so they are there because of that but don't you think the story about the kidnapping is much more interesting??? In fitting with some of my previous postings I suppose I should include that she was kidnapped drunk and naked in my driveway to make it even more entertaining but.....let's not go there.

I started some spinning in anticipation of the roving so that I could get in some practice. I'm a little rusty but stuff is coming out ok. I have to get my groove back a little before I start on the new stuff!

I can't wait to start spinning the new stuff!!! Also, if you are into cute kittehs with no hair you can send her a message. She breeds Sphynx cats - they really are so cute! So, whether you are into hand dyed merino or nekkid kittehs she can help!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amazing Llamas

Yesterday we had the privilege of being invited to Pearson Pond to pick up some yarn and felt for Amia Yarn Company. All I can say is "WOW". These animals are truly beautiful and amazing. They were all so personable and came up to us (even the babies!) all wanting kisses. The fiber on these animals is incredible. I had no idea how soft and silky llama fleece can be. I'm really excited to see what the yarn looks like skeined up!

Pearson Pond has about 200 llamas and they are just as happy as they can be. The have beautiful pastures to play around in and plenty of natural water sources. Many of their llamas are champions and there were trophies and plaques and ribbons everywhere! They are bred for high standards and beautiful fiber. Tracy Pearson was very hospitable and took time to drive us around and let us meet many of the llamas. It was really an amazing and educational experience. I have to find a way to talk her out of some of the GORGEOUS silky black yarn she has - you wouldn't believe how beautiful, silky and soft it is!

Do I have pictures for you - well OF COURSE!!!

We had told Tracy that we would take whatever fiber she had back to Georgia Mountain Fiber for them to process it for us. She said "Are you SURE?" We of course said that it was no problem. She asked what we were driving and I told her a Ford Explorer. She said "Well, let's go look at it first" so we agreed. OMG - I couldn't believe how much fiber she had up there ready to go to the mill!!!! She must have had 75 bags of fiber up there AT LEAST!

Needless to say, there was no way all that fiber was going to fit in our car - she needs a Ryder truck to transport all that fiber!! But, I know she has more good stuff coming once that all gets through Georgia Mountain Fiber.

I'll put up some pictures of the yarn once I get it back. It is on cones right now and needs to go get skeined so I'll let you know when it is available.

Monday, June 16, 2008

This is dedicated...............

To Charlotte, NC superstar - Turtlegirl!

This does not really have anything to do with HER per se but it does involved turtles - and brand new ones at that.

Our neighbor frantically called us on Saturday and told us that we had to get over to her pond right away to witness something. OK - so we put on our shoes, grab the camera of course, and walk over. Lo and behold there was some Hawt Secks going on over there!! Check it out!

These are snapping turtles so I guess we will be having some new ones on the horizon. I tell ya, we see the coolest stuff out here!

On the knitting front..........remember this?

Yeah well it's totally going to the frog pond later this evening. I had Mr. Man try it on - NOPE - didn't fit. So, that's what I get for forgetting myself and starting a sock cuff down. This puppy will be toe up on the next go around!

Mr. Man is working on making some "cat proof" yarn bowls as suggested by the ladies at Strings and Sticks. These yarn bowls will have a lid to keep those pesky little kittens out of your yarn. I will be receiving the first one thankyouverymuch as these little destructo-kitties are getting into everything!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Hey everyone! Don't forget your dad today! We are headed down to Alpharetta today to spend some time with the best dad in the world. Sorry to disappoint everyone but that just happens to be MY dad.

This guy is the best. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for us, he loves my husband (despite all his humerous nuttiness) and is just the best, most down to earth person I know.

Dad, I know you sneak a peak at the 'ol blog every now and again to see what is up with us. THANK YOU so much for everything you do for us, for being there and for being my rock when I needed it. I love you so much and you mean the world to me.


Dad and I opening night of Provino's in Cumming

Two of my favorite guys!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

LYS Saturday

Mr. Man and I took a trip into the big town of Ellijay today just south of Blue Ridge to Strings and Sticks. That's what the door says even though my picture stinks. We met Vicky there who was having a yarn bowl personally delivered! Who says that Knit Witch does not offer great customer service?? I took a few extra bowls with me and everyone there loved them! The store owner, Karen, who was extreemly nice, bought 12 of them to put in her shop! Woo hoo - Knit Witch is in a shop!

Here's a yarn bowl in action:

If you are ever in Ellijay, GA be sure to check out this great little shop called Strings and Sticks. They were having classes there and had lots of yarn and books and other fun knitting stuff. Of course, I had to add to the stash. Here's what I had Mr. Man buy for me...........

I bought 4 skeins - pretty yummy color, eh? It is Hacho by Mirasol. I have never seen this yarn before and thought it looked like a fun knit.

Here are some other pictures from the store. Vicky is in blue and I am in the yellow top.

All in all it was a fun day. I love traveling around and seeing the local folk enjoying the LYS!!