Saturday, June 14, 2008

LYS Saturday

Mr. Man and I took a trip into the big town of Ellijay today just south of Blue Ridge to Strings and Sticks. That's what the door says even though my picture stinks. We met Vicky there who was having a yarn bowl personally delivered! Who says that Knit Witch does not offer great customer service?? I took a few extra bowls with me and everyone there loved them! The store owner, Karen, who was extreemly nice, bought 12 of them to put in her shop! Woo hoo - Knit Witch is in a shop!

Here's a yarn bowl in action:

If you are ever in Ellijay, GA be sure to check out this great little shop called Strings and Sticks. They were having classes there and had lots of yarn and books and other fun knitting stuff. Of course, I had to add to the stash. Here's what I had Mr. Man buy for me...........

I bought 4 skeins - pretty yummy color, eh? It is Hacho by Mirasol. I have never seen this yarn before and thought it looked like a fun knit.

Here are some other pictures from the store. Vicky is in blue and I am in the yellow top.

All in all it was a fun day. I love traveling around and seeing the local folk enjoying the LYS!!


LittleWit said...

I heart visiting yarn shops when I travel. I just hit up like 4 or 5 in Utah. :) Oh and congrats on getting your bowls into a shop!

vickyd said...

It was great to FINALLY meet you and your husband and I absolutely LOVE my yarn bowl...I see many more in my future :)