Saturday, June 21, 2008


LOOK what I got in the mail!!

These are yummy merino rovings and the top one was especially dyed for me!! I love both of them - the bottom one is "Kermie". These are hand dyed and come to me from Germany via Heather. Her husband has kidnapped her unwillingly and is holding her hostage in Germany. Well, not really, he is in the US military so they are there because of that but don't you think the story about the kidnapping is much more interesting??? In fitting with some of my previous postings I suppose I should include that she was kidnapped drunk and naked in my driveway to make it even more entertaining but.....let's not go there.

I started some spinning in anticipation of the roving so that I could get in some practice. I'm a little rusty but stuff is coming out ok. I have to get my groove back a little before I start on the new stuff!

I can't wait to start spinning the new stuff!!! Also, if you are into cute kittehs with no hair you can send her a message. She breeds Sphynx cats - they really are so cute! So, whether you are into hand dyed merino or nekkid kittehs she can help!


Lista said...

When we all move into the Knit Witch compound, will you teach me to spin? I love those roving colors!

ktb38 said...

I love the roving! So pretty!