Monday, June 16, 2008

This is dedicated...............

To Charlotte, NC superstar - Turtlegirl!

This does not really have anything to do with HER per se but it does involved turtles - and brand new ones at that.

Our neighbor frantically called us on Saturday and told us that we had to get over to her pond right away to witness something. OK - so we put on our shoes, grab the camera of course, and walk over. Lo and behold there was some Hawt Secks going on over there!! Check it out!

These are snapping turtles so I guess we will be having some new ones on the horizon. I tell ya, we see the coolest stuff out here!

On the knitting front..........remember this?

Yeah well it's totally going to the frog pond later this evening. I had Mr. Man try it on - NOPE - didn't fit. So, that's what I get for forgetting myself and starting a sock cuff down. This puppy will be toe up on the next go around!

Mr. Man is working on making some "cat proof" yarn bowls as suggested by the ladies at Strings and Sticks. These yarn bowls will have a lid to keep those pesky little kittens out of your yarn. I will be receiving the first one thankyouverymuch as these little destructo-kitties are getting into everything!!!


turtlegirl76 said...

Yeah you know what - the ladies at Rainy Day Creations suggested the same thing! You may get questions from them too! Also, consider selling lids separately for existing bowls? Mebe?

Hawt secks. THe prostiturtle approves.

theyarnwhisperer said...

we saw several turtles while we were camping (in addition to a cotton mouth snake). Rumor around the campsite was that a turtle was spotted coming to shore and laying about 180+ eggs late one evening. Apparently, they relocate the eggs once they are laid to decrease predators getting to them (including stupid people). There was also a cardinal that kept coming to our campsite. I think he must know Steven or something. He kept looking like he was trying to tell Steven something and that Steven was just too much of a bonehead to understand.

knitting dragonfly said...

Wow frisky turtles, never have seen anything like that. Love the lid idea on your yarn bowls. I have furry footed creatures also.

Jet LeBlanc said...

Wow, I've seen lots of hawt bird secks, which is very interesting and *fast*, but I've never seen turtles going at it before! Thanks for the nature documentary! :-)

Calicoknits said...

turtle lovin - gotta love it. I feel a chorus of "reunited" coming on.

pooterp said...

I know I am late but I wanted to say the baby turtles look just like turtlegirl..