Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hello out there! Wayne and I have been hard at work on some new videos. We SERIOUSLY need a new video camera because the one we have sucks (you know, ancient technology from like 5 years ago). So, as soon as we get everything downloaded and edited (THANK YOU wonderful husband for doing all of that so that I may remain ignorant and less stressed about the videos) we'll have them up on YouTube. Some of them may already be up by the time this posts!

We did videos on:

Adding new yarn
Working with DPNs
Provisional cast-on method
Applied i-cord
Using a cable needle

We tried to do one on regular i-cord but the battery kept crapping out. Hopefully we can shoot that one soon since I have everything all ready to go for it.

I have also completed Wayne's sweater! Woo hoo!!! I'll have to get him to put in on so I can take a picture for you. I'll try to have that up for tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out the new videos when they are up and tell us what you think. Any suggestions for additional videos? We might need to get a new video camera first, grrrrrrrrrrrrr................


Sue said...

Your videos are how I learned to knit.
I changed to continental now just because it's more comfortable for me but YOU are the reason I know how to knit so thank you. :)

Disaster Strikes said...

YAY! thanks for making an "add yarn" and "DPN" vid! Your videos have taught me sooooo much!!!