Friday, March 4, 2011


On the way to Clarkesville, we stopped in Helen, GA. If you have never been there, it is a quaint, interesting little town. The whole place it set up like a little German village (or at least what Americans perceive a little German village would be like).

Sort of a weird thing to find in the middle of GA but, there ya have it! This place was packed with people and it was pretty chilly outside. This place gets MOBBED during Octoberfest!


Slacker Mom said...

We were just there last weekend. It's a really cute little town. I want to go back when everything is in bloom and the tubing is open. It looks like a lot of fun.

Ellen Alexandra said...

Yeah, I agree, Helen is an odd place in GA. There's another Bavarian village in this country too - when I lived in the northwest a while back, I visited Leavenworth, Washington: I always liked it because it was surrounded by beautiful mountains.

idyllicchick said...

I love Helen! The little supermarket there is great. It has the very best (locally produced, even) sausage that I've ever tasted.