Friday, March 11, 2011

More video information

I guess I should have given you the link to the videos in the previous blog post, eh? You can view the new (and old) videos HERE. We re-uploaded a couple of them because the video quality was a little wonky so they are better now. All together we ended up with 11 new videos - woo hoo!!

I am still planning to do videos on:

Entrelac knitting
Short rows

These will have to be on a future upload. It takes a lot of darn time to do these videos but we really love making them available for you.

Can you believe we have had almost SIX MILLION views on our videos?!?!?!?! We will probably hit 6 million this week or next week. As of this writing we are at 5,835,870 video views and we have over 11,000 subscribers. We are just amazed by this and we thank you all so much for your views, comments and suggestions for the videos. I can't tell you how much we appreciate the amount of support these videos have received!

We get a lot of questions from the videos and we try to get to all of them and answer them. If for some reason I have inadvertently neglected your email or your question, please let me know. It is certainly not intentional. It's just that between nursing students and knitting students and all the other email, we get a lot of messages to sort through each day!

On another note, I received an email yesterday from Google/YouTube wanting me to participate in a 2 hour survey of their products since we are frequent users of things and YouTube partners. I think they are looking at redesigning some of the features. I am pretty excited about this! Anyone have any glaring comments for Google or YouTube that you would like for me to pass along?

Sweater on Monday, I promise! I also started (and amazingly have almost finished) a sock so I need to upload some pictures of that too!

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