Monday, March 14, 2011


Yay! Wayne's sweater is finished and I think it looks pretty darn good myself! This is the Rugby sweater in a past issue of Knit Simple. I have knit this pattern twice now so I know it's a good pattern. The only modification I made on this one is that I made the collar brown instead of green on Wayne's. I came PRECARIOUSLY close to running out of green yarn but I actually like the brown collar better! I know I could have dyed more but, of course, it would have been a different lot and not matched.

The yarn is, of course, Knit Witch Ancient World (DK weight) and the colors are Artemis (green) and a brown that I just made up as I was dyeing along. I WAY overdyed yarn for Nathan's sweater and I had JUST enough to make another one for Wayne. Fate anyone?

So, Wayne is very excited to finally have his first hand knit sweater from his wife. We are married so the whole boyfriend break-up thing because of the hand knit sweater does not apply, right? I did warn him about this and let him know that if he wanted to break up with me I was taking the sweater back and finding someone else to give it to!!!

My handsome husband!

And Petey!


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

looks great! AND he looks super pleased, so congratulations all around!

rose water said...

I am sure the two of you will stay together :) :)
You did an incredible job!!