Thursday, March 3, 2011


We came home the other day and drove up the driveway to this.

Aren't they funny? We have had a pair of Mallards hanging out in our pond for the last few weeks - fun!!! I think they feel happier seeing the chickens roaming around. Now, if I could just get the dog to quit barking at them. It's the weirdest thing, he does not bark at chickens or geese or cats or kingfishers or fish but for some reason, those ducks freak him out!!


Sue said...

Crazy chickens! I think maybe the dog had a bad experience with a duck at some point. lol Poor guy.

Turtle said...

how funny! I so have wanted chickens for year sbut we have afamily of 6 raccoons who have created a path through the backyard near the barn... so i can just imagine we would end up just feeding them!

Hey saw your yarn bowls featured in the spring issue , either vogue or interweave!