Monday, May 3, 2010


How can it be Monday already? Even though I had a goal of writing some blog posts yesterday, it didn't really happen. So now, here we are and it is Monday morning already and I have no blog post! Today is the day that I actually need to "get back to work" after Stitches. I have most everything unpacked but I still have several boxes of inventory to go through. The wholesale orders are starting to pile up though so I need to get busy on those!!

Thursday was our anniversary and we took a little day trip to the Tennessee Aquarium just to have a day of relaxation. It was really fun! They have a new to us boat ride that goes up the Tennessee River - so we did that - it was fun! I'll show you some pictures of that throughout the week. Right now though, you need to meet Red!

We picked Red up early last week.

Red is a New Hampshire Red Rooster. We debated back and forth about getting a rooster and we finally decided to just go ahead and do it! Right now, the girls don't really like him and they are definitely putting him in his place at the very bottom of the pecking order. I'm sure things will change once he figures out that he is a rooster! They have been getting better with him though and he has actually been spotted in close sleeping proximity of some of the girls. So, they are letting him get a little closer!

The girls are getting so big! It is amazing how fast they are growing!!


Diane Bogino said...

Another Red head?

Happy birthday to Wayne, Happy birthday to Wayne, etc., etc., etc.,


Turtle said...

awe, they're all getting big so fast! lol, at the rooster. My daughters friends folks had to do their rooster in the other day. Their chickens run free and go into the coop at night on their own. The rooster had gotten to where he was attacking people in the driveway as well as the other chickens, so.... they were asking for rooster recipe's!

Ash said...

It's true. Some rooster's can get out of hand. We hand one named "The General" that would lead attacks on us kids when I was little. We had to carry around a baseball bat if we went outside. He'd attack all of us and the dog! He was one mean git! I bet those hens keep him in his place!

Ash said...

It's true! We had a rooster when i was little we called "The General." We weren't allowed to go outside with out a baseball bat thanks to him. He'd attack us kids and the dogs and my folks! He was one mean git! I bet your hens keep yours in his place!