Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Our visit to the Tennessee aquarium was really fun! They have added a lot of new stuff since the last time we were there. They have this fun boat ride on the Tennessee River that is about 2 hours long. The weather was perfect so we had a great anniversary trip up there! They also have a whole new building with lots more animals in it. We managed to get a few really cool pictures.

They had an entire exhibit on Sea Horses which was very cool. Check out this Dragon Sea Horse. Fancy!

This beautiful turtle was huge!

Here is a very cool puffer fish!

Mr. Man in the aquarium!


There was a whole exhibit on jellyfish too.

Check out this cool looking fresh water stingray!

We had someone offer to take our picture. Once she realized that it was our anniversary she insisted on taking a smooching picture!

I am such a lucky woman to have been able to share these last 5 amazing years with such a wonderful man!


Warlock said...

ME! I am the lucky one! Being the old man with a hot young chickie works for me!

Lisa said...

I say you're both pretty lucky. :) Congrats!