Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Stuff

New yarn bowls are up on the site finally!!! Of course, we can see that many of you have already figured that out without any help from us! :)

We have more Feed Fannin pictures from our Stone Soup Day that we did for the community.

Our dog spent all day at the vet on Tuesday and we found out that his surgery is actually going to be closer to $5000 so - yay. Ahem.....see previous statement about new yarn bowls on the site!

Our dog is so awesome that he is totally worth $5000 but I can't believe that I just had to say that.

After Petey's surgery, Feed Fannin might be feeding us so it's a good thing that we are members in good standing.

Knit Witch is getting a new stove for the dedicated dye kitchen so that is pretty exciting! Man, we need it too - this little tiny stove is about on it's last leg!

Petey is going to have some hip and knee x-rays soon so that should make for some interesting blog pictures.

Petey needs a job - any takers? I wonder if he can skein yarn..........................

Have a great weekend everyone!!!! We have our annual Arts in the Park festival this weekend so that will be fun unless it rains all weekend as predicted. We are (of course) going to be there helping some people with set up and take down and various other activities so I hope we don't spend the whole weekend soaking wet!!


jomamma said...

Now you know why people take out insurance on their pets.

Turtle said...

ouch on the vet bill. Sounds to me like you should dye up a yarn for him and sell it as a fundraiser! I bet it would do well! (or something special and pete related, wood shawl pin etc as he enjoys a good stick! lol)

hope for some sun for you this weekend! Our area actually broke the record for the coldest towns in the US today, including alaska.