Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm taking a few days off from blogging! Please forgive my absence of amazingly witty tales that I know you all just sit on the edge of your seats and wait for!! :)

We have had an incredibly busy weekend and we are still trying to catch up. I have lots of pictures that haven't even made it through the download cord yet so hopefully I'll be able to get my act together for a few decent blog posts this week.

We worked the Arts Festival all weekend for Feed Fannin, I had 2 papers due, I had 2 big wholesale orders to get finished, we had plans with friends, my dad drove up and brought us a new-to-us kitchen table and stove so that we can replace the stove in our dye kitchen (woo hoo!) and our neighbor and I had 6 3-day old kittens bestowed upon us to try and keep alive. So far that has worked for the 3 remaining kittens. They are so tiny but the ones that are left are doing great so keep your fingers crossed. I'll have some pictures of them for you too. Three days is REALLY young for these poor kitties to have lost their mommy.

One piece of amazingly good news is that I got my statistics paper back yesterday and I made 100% on it - woo hooo!!!!! Who would have thought I could make 100% on a statistics paper! So, that pretty much made my week (I know, I need more to look forward to, right?).

Anyway, we'll be back up and blogging soon. We have sent out a BUNCH of bowls lately so if you have ordered one, rest assured that it is on it's way!!


Turtle said...

Thumbs up on the paper! Aw for the kitties, that is soooo young! We were the house in the neighborhood where the birds who fell/were pushed/etc from their nests seemed to be brought. We only had one ever make it to release, funny it was the one i found a friend of mine expressing breast milk into it's food. Go figure!

knittingdragonflies said...

Whew, you are a busy woman, I'm just here to check in and lust after some of your yarns.