Thursday, May 27, 2010

Have I told you all about Feed Fannin? I don't think I have. So, I suppose I will start there! Wayne and I joined Feed Fannin a few months ago (oddly enough they picked us up at the manure yard one day) and we have been going to meetings ever since. At first, we thought it was absolutely ridiculous that they met EVERY WEEK but once we started going to the meetings, we could see why. This group is dynamic and busy, busy, busy and does incredible things for our community.

We run several community gardens that grow food for our local homeless shelter. This way, those less fortunate than us have access to locally grown, healthy, fresh produce. It's really a great program and we have a few off-shoots. One group is called the "snack in a backpack" program and they send kids on the school lunch program home with backpacks full of food on Friday so that they will have food to eat over the weekend. Then, they bring the backpacks back on Monday to be refilled for the following weekend. I had NO IDEA how many kids in our own community were going hungry on the weekends because their parents were out of work and could not afford much nutritious food.

Our environmental group - BRAEA - is going to fall under them as well as another off shoot.

Anyway - long story short (oh wait - too late) a group got together over the weekend and made some incredible scarecrows for the community garden that is at the end of our street. I put them all in a Flickr album for all the members so I'll just send you there. I love them! They are so creative and funky looking! Umm...the scarecrows - not the group members......although......... :)


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