Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SS10 - Friday!

Friday was the day the market "officially" opened and we were really busy!!! Here's a couple of pictures from the market.

This is Sarah, Me, Molly and Michelle. All of these ladies were VERY generous customers of ours during Stitches!

We were exhausted by the end of the day, especially since we had stayed up late at the Rav party the night before! But, of course, that didn't stop us from hanging out with our friends Regan, Grace, Sandy and Bob! Later, Wayne, Sandy, Bob and myself all went for dinner at Medici. My dinner was sucky and bland but the company and conversation were awesome!

Poor Wayne.

I was trying to increase my boobage here to fit in with the crowd but it didn't work too well.

Good friends!!!! This is me, Grace, Regan and Sandy. Bob, you were totally missing out on all of this!


Sarah B. said...

Our "generosity" as you called it is actually just a symptom of an accute addiction to your beautiful yarns!

Susan said...

What beautiful yarns. A very nice blog, I enjoyoed my journey throughout reading it. Thank you for letting me visit.