Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Funny story

I thought you all would appreciate the humor in this. We do a fair amount of custom yarn orders around here. Usually, when I get them I email the customer just to let them know that I have received their order and that I am working on it. I also try to give them an estimated ship time. This way, they aren't just wondering for a week if I ever received their order, right?

So, last week I sent out this note to a customer. I never did get a reply, which isn't really unusual because sometimes my Knit Witch email address gets spammed. This week I had another custom order and I sent out the same message to her. Well, later in the day I received an email back from the first customer that said "Fiber received. Thank you so much!". I thought, great! I always like to hear when the fiber arrives safely so I wrote back "Thanks for letting me know - I hope you will enjoy it!"

It was after I sent that email that I realized - that email was actually from the customer I had emailed just that morning letting her know that I had received her order, not the customer from last week. I just assumed it was the customer from last week since she had already received the order.

Well, now I'm confused so I write back to this customer and tell her that I am confused and that I thought she was a customer from last week, blah, blah, blah and just wanted to make sure I am still dyeing yarn for her. I'm hoping this all does not make me sound too flaky, right?

Then I get an email back from her. She tells me that SHE is confused because she thought my email was from another dyer she had ordered more yarn from last week! She ends her email with "Gee, do you think I am ordering too much yarn lately because I can't keep up with the orders?"

So, it's all straightened out now!! Hahaha! Dang fiber addiction...................


Turtle said...

lol, too funny! Somedays my brain is right in line there as well!

Sarah B. said...

Did she keep both orders with you? I love fiber addicts! They are my people!

jomamma said...

Do you use and reference order numbers in your orders? If not maybe it's time... that's a good sign your business is growing and that's a good thing.

Diane Bogino said...

Huh? Say what?