Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Have you ever seen a Luna Moth? Look how beautiful they are!

I love that shade of purple! This might be a great inspiration for a new colorway! This guy was hanging out on our screen door so we got a few pictures of him before he moved on. I don't think they live very long once they hatch so you don't really see them very often. The first time I ever saw one was up here (but before we moved up here) and it was HUGE! I'm sure I still have the picture floating around here somewhere.

I spent my day yesterday doing a bunch of yardwork. Of course, I forgot to take before pictures but I'll show you some after pictures tomorrow. It isn't really had to imagine the before pictures - just think of what a lot of unruly weeds looks like!


Turtle said...

i was thinking colorway and shawl design! Hmmmm...... B, who do we know who is a talented shawl designer who is looking for a new project!

Anonymous said...

They are so graceful, aren't they? I've got some undyed yarn hanging out in my kitchen soaking right now- I think I might do a Luna colorway. Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

Jain said...

One of my favorite creatures, good "capture"!

I'm seeing green socks with a purple band along the top and some black/white/tan/purple dots strategically placed.

Hey! I'd wear 'em! ;o)