Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yep...the boss lady is busy again

So the Barefoot Potter will put up a little something for the bloggers out there.
I do all my glazing outside since my glazing involves compressed air, spray guns, respirators and just a general mess which my boss does not tolerate from her help. When the temperature is less than 50F things go really slow because of drying and moving the pottery to the kiln. Why am I rambling on about all this? Well we had TWO WHOLE DAYS of above 50 degrees a little over a week ago and I was able to glaze a lot of the yarn bowls I had waiting in the wings to be glazed and fired. I had more than enough to fill both kilns. Kiln opening day is always like Christmas morning because even though I have an idea what the results are gonna be the actual results are always different and most time invoke a "WOW look at this!" Sometimes it's a cuss word or three and a "look at this!" but as I gain experience that happens less and less thank goodness.
I thought I would share are some of the results.

I purchased some new colors and I like the results. So right now I have about 20 or so 3 gallon buckets of different color glazes sitting in our downstairs "office" area to keep them from freezing. Frozen glaze does not work so well for some reason. Thank you Brittany for putting up with my messes!

I was bisque firing a load yesterday and I noticed the kiln was not as hot as I thought it should be. Well it turns out the Barefoot Potter has to be the Barefoot Kiln repairman. The top element is not heating. Yep...that's a huge problem. Darn! Always something to do huh?

Thank you all for the comments on the kilt! I am looking forward to Stitches South so I can show it off. Haha! Life is fun! Thanks for being here!


pendie said...

gorgeous results with the glazes; I hope your boss gives you a raise for all your wonderful work!

Sarah B. said...

Great job on the bowls, BFP! And the kilt looked great, also. Can't wait to see the bowls and the kilt at Stitches.

Turtle said...

love the new colors! Yes, always something to do! Was making hubbys lunch and iced mocha at 5 the other morning when suddenly water started streaming out of the auto ice maker, all over the kitchen. Glad geek was still home as i never could have gotten the fridge moved to turn off the water valve. Just something else to add to the list! (still trying to figure out how to get the moss out ontot he roof ridge without breaking anything ... mainly me!)

Diane Bogino said...

Gorgeous colors. You do good work.