Thursday, March 4, 2010

WIP Wednesday

OK - so I'm a day late. It was still a WIP yesterday I just never got around to blogging about it. Wholesale orders for Stitches South are keeping me crazy busy and I am still learning the ropes for the online class I am teaching. The students get feedback every week from me in a report that I put together for them so I spent a lot of time yesterday and the day before learning about how to do that and getting it all put together. It's kind of difficult keeping all the students straight when you don't have a face to put with them!!

So, I have finished one Stulpen. I had to rip the thumb out and redo it yesterday because I was totally not paying attention. I got done, bound off and wondered "hmmmmm - why does this not look right?!?!". Then I realized I had knit the thumb in stockinette instead of ribbing - d'oh!!!

Anyway, it's all fixed now. I'll be casting on for the second one tonight. I must say, I love the way these fit! The yarn (our MCN yarn "Cauldron") is wonderful to work with and it feels divine when you are wearing it! I think I may just have to knit a pair of these for myself when I am done with these!!

I have sort of enjoyed having a guest blogger occasionally!!!! What do you think? He's doing a good job, right?? :)


turtlegirl76 said...

I love when Wayne posts! It's a treat!

Love the look of that handwarmer.

pendie said...

Yes, your guest blogger does a good job; keep it coming!

無聊嚕 said...
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Hockey Mom said...

He does an awesome job and I'm enjoying the seeing the pottery in progress. Very interesting!

Doesn't hurt that he's cute either! ;-)