Friday, March 5, 2010

B.P. again...

Happy TGIF to you all! The Barefoot Potter is back because the boss lady is busy, busy, busy again! I am so proud of her taking this new journey she is on.

The Knit Witch has already had the dying cauldrons in full cooking mode this morning. While she was dying yarn, I was tasked to do the skeining. Fun! She is a great teacher and if I do say so myself, this dog CAN learn new tricks! Quite a change from laying down new bathroom floor tiles which by the way is done! I also got new trim installed and most everything put back together in working order. Well it is in working order for a guy anyway....I am sure I will have to do some "fine tuning" to keep the boss lady happy. And guys, if you have not been taught who the boss is in a GOOD and HAPPY marriage...IT'S THE WIFE!

On a messier note here is some of what I was doing this week. Pottery!

My WIP's!

Peeps and Sheeps

My work place:

There should be some newly glazed yarn bowls exiting the kiln this weekend or Monday. The weather folks are telling us that glazing weather will be here this weekend. YAY! I got the kiln that was on the fritz repaired yesterday and I fired a bisque load last night. Lots of bowls are waiting to be glazed!

Again, thanks for putting up with me and thank you for being here! Life is fun! It seems like the older I get the more fun I have. Better watch out....haha!


pendie said...

Your bowls with faces are fantastic; I hadn't seen those before! Glad the Boss Lady is letting you guest blog so we know what you're up to as well

Bubblesknits said...

I love the faces! :-D

I'm with you on the weather. What happened to the South getting it's usual *month* of Winter? Brrrr.

Turtle said...

luv the new face bowls, and still craving a sheepy one!