Wednesday, March 17, 2010


No - it isn't Friday yet - quit all of that wishful thinking!! :)

Last Friday was both ridiculous and hilarious. We had a plan to leave around 9AM, go drop off a bunch of yarn at Only Ewe and Cotton Too and then go have a leisurely afternoon at my dad's place. Well, you know what they say - there are your plans and then there is life, right?

First thing Friday AM I checked my email and there was an email from my aunt who lives in Rome (Georgia that is). It was sent at about 10:30 the night before and it said "Hey! Your cousin Marc is coming through town tomorrow - hope you can stop by." OK - there are several things wrong with this email. First of all, my cousin Marc lives in Massachusetts so I'm not sure how he is "just stopping by". Second of all this email is amazingly devoid of details and information. The other thing is that none of us have seen him in about 15-20 years so this is a BIG DEAL! So now, Wayne and I are wondering what to do. Elyse is expecting us at the shop so I called her to see if I might be able to come by on Saturday instead - no problem - great!

It is still to early to call my dad at this point who I assume knows what is going on. It is also too early to call my aunt to find out some details (like what time, how long is he staying, how is he getting there, what do we have planned, you know silly details like that). So we don't know if we should we get in the car and go to Rome? Should we go ahead and go to Alpharetta now and go to Rome after that? If Marc will be here tomorrow can we just go ahead and go to Alpharetta now and go to Rome tomorrow? It's raining today - how long are we going to be leaving the dog outside? Should we take him with us? Should we set the automatic feeders for the cats? Sheesh! The list goes on and on.

Once it finally got late enough to make some phone calls I was amazed at how little information everyone seemed to have! No one knows when he is coming, how long he is staying, if he will be there today, what time, nada. So we wait around for a while to try and get some answers but we just keep thinking that we don't want to NOT go to the yarn shop today and then find out he is coming tomorrow and then today we haven't done either thing, right?

By about 10:00 I have talked to my dad and my aunt about 6 times each, my other cousin who also lives in Rome and the yarn shop. We have changed plans about 15 times and it is getting seriously ridiculous! Finally, Wayne and I just decide to go ahead and get in the car (much later than we would have preferred) and go ahead down to Alpharetta. If worse comes to worse we just drive to Rome after that, right? All of these places are about 1.5 hours apart so that makes for a long day of driving but that's ok - I haven't seen Marc in about 15 years and I am anxious to see him!

I call my dad, give him the plan, load up all the yarn, turn on the cat feeders (just in case), we get in the car (with the dog) and head out. About 2 minutes after we leave our driveway (it's about 11:00 now) my aunt calls and says that Marc will be at her place at 1:30. I ask if he is spending the night. She does not know!!! She's like "gosh, I don't know - I guess I should have asked." Good grief!!! She says that he is stopping by Rome on his way from Nashville, TN to Massachusetts. Uh.................ok. That does not really seem "on the way" to me but ok.

So, Wayne and I decide to abandon plan B (or is it Plan Q by this point?) and just drive to Rome instead of Alpharetta. I call my dad (AGAIN) to let him know that our plans have changed (AGAIN) and all he can say at this point is "OK - see you in Rome"! When he goes up to his house to tell his wife he is going to Rome she says "But Brittany just called and said she is on her way here." My dad was like - oh that was about 3 phone calls ago!

Anyway, we ended up going to Rome, having a GREAT time and just decided to spend the night. By that time we had stayed up way too late, told too many hilarious stories and drank to much wine. Good thing we had the dog and the yarn! Then we got up the next morning and drove to Alpharetta and then to my dad's. You can see why I was tired and cranky by the time I go there!!

Here's some pictures of all of us. Can you tell that Stephanie, Marc and me are cousins or what??? I am so glad he came and it was so great to see him!!!

My aunt Jackie, my cousin Stephanie, my dad, me and Marc.

Marc, my dad and Wayne (and Marc's new car!)

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Diane Bogino said...

WOW! Does Marc look like Leo or what???

As far as the lack of were expecting something different? And you've been in this family how long now?