Thursday, February 25, 2010

She is BUSY!

This the Knit Witch's slave/employee (the barefoot potter) posting for the Knit Witch. She has really been busy with all of her school endeavors as well as being the neighborhood nurse. Our great neighbor has been having some health issues and they came to a head this week while she was up here in her Blue Ridge home. Tuesday we took her to the local health facility, Riverstone Medical complex, because she was extremely ill, in pain and dehydrated. We stayed with her and nurse Brittany assisted Liz by accompanying her through some of the examination procedures and speaking with the nurse practitioner (which my dear wife is also) and the doctor. Well Wednesday we took neighbor Liz back to Riverstone for follow up on blood tests and CT scans. The result? Well we ended up taking a road trip to Atlanta to get neighbor Liz admitted to Emory hospital! So off we went with Brittany, Liz and Petey the wonder dog in the Knit Witch mobile and me driving Liz's car down so she would have her car when she is discharged. Flexibility in life is a valuable gift! We are so very fortunate to have that flexibility and the ability to help when called upon. As of this morning we have not heard from Liz but will keep you in the blog world informed as we get information. Send Lizzardo some good vibes y'all!

Kilt update: It's here, I tried it on, it fits and I like it! Talk about comfortable....nice! I will see if I can talk my boss lady into taking some pictures if ya want. Any ideas what accessorizes kilts? Lizzardo says I should have a knife and a sporran and a kilt pin. Britt says I should wear sandals. I was thinking something more substantial. I know I have to wear a Knit Witch shirt while at Stitches South so I have no option there. She is the boss ya know! I know my place! Haha!

Oh's snowing again! Come on spring!!! I want the barefootin' weather back!


grace said...

You should definitely accessorize the kilt with proper kilt hose. There are several very nice patterns on Ravelry. If you know someone who knits (har har) and ask them very nicely, I bet they would make you a pair!

pendie said...

Yes, absolutely on the pictures! You surely wouldn't think I went to highlander games to hear the music, would you?!

Roadchick said...

I've seen guys wearing kilts with hiking/construction-type boots and it's a good look with a kilt.

Hope your neighbor is doing well.

Anonymous said...

The new Knitpicks catalog has a kilt hose kit for making two different pairs of kilt hose (they look to be his and hers I think). look on

Anonymous said...

Me again, has a free pattern for kilt hose here:

Hope everyone feels better!

Turtle said...

i agree, some fun kilt hose and combat boots! otherwise almost anything can work with a kilt! (and i am sure you will have no problem going commando underneath!)