Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fair Isle Adventures

I think the second pair of gloves that I made turned out much better than the first as far as the fair isle portion is concerned. I took the blog's advice and went ahead and added one row to the beginning of the round and one to the end of the round giving me 2 consistent rows of grey. At the end of the fair isle portion I just decreased 2 stitches to get back to the regular stitch count.

By doing this, I was able to slip the first stitch on every other row and that seemed to help even up the colors a bit. It wasn't perfect but it was definitely better and less noticeable. I also made some minor adjustments on the fair isle pattern itself so that the notes would look a little better. I felt like some of the black portions were too close together and didn't give enough "grey space" in between for the notes to look right.

All in all though I liked this pattern (enough to do it twice even!).

Pattern: Musica
Yarn: Knit Witch DK in custom dyed colors
Mods: Described above

I have already started another project - we'll talk about that tomorrow. This blog seems like it is sort of turning into a knitting blog................what's up with THAT?!?!


jomamma said...

I know I came for the knitting (and I'm holding out for bear pictures.)

Sarah Cameron said...

They're super cute! :)

katherine micaela said...

I have seen this kind of design from the other blog but its color is yellow and black... maybe you came from the same company