Tuesday, February 2, 2010


That's what the weather is around here. On Thursday, we took Petey for a 2 mile walk downtown. I had on a short sleeve t-shirt and a hoodie. I shed the hoodie pretty quickly because it was so warm. So, we were out enjoying the beautiful 60 degree day in our short sleeves walking our dog.

The next day, Friday, our yard looked like this:

Seriously - crazy!! They actually had 11 inches of snow predicted for us at one point - 11 inches!!!!! That is unheard of here and I have never even actually SEEN that much snow in my life. Luckily (or unluckily depending on your perspective) the system moved just north of us and we only got about an inch of snow.

I am thoroughly convinced that we received this small amount because we were completely prepared for a big storm and a power outage. We had the lamp oil and lamps all ready to go. Wayne put together our camping stoves and other stuff in easy reach so we could get to it if we needed to. I finished all my dyeing and clothes washing, anything that required electricity by noon that day so it would all be done. Of course, that completely sent the storm moving elsewhere to less prepared people.

Petey had a good time though as you can see.

Don't forget about the Superbowl Squares contest!!! We have filled a lot of squares but we still have a few to go! Don't forget - you get one free square just for blogging the contest!!


jomamma said...

Now you know what Texas weather can be like. Your yard looks beautiful ! You should use that as your Christmas card next year.

Turtle said...

wow, you'd think you were in new england with those extreme weather changes. This winter, we have rain, and not so much rain, then more rain with ten minutes of sun (thats today). At least i don't have to be a stressing mommy with daughters winter driving this season!