Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!


My husband told me the other day that he thinks we are going to have a GREAT 2010! I must say that I agree with him. 2009 was really great and we accomplished a lot of wonderful things with each other, with our home and with our business - with the help from all of you out there of course!

2010 brings with it my 37th birthday (on the 24th), our 5th wedding anniversary (in April), Wayne's 59th birthday (in May) and Nathan's 21st birthday in December - wow! This year all of our kids will be completely legal adults. It also brings a new job for me (teaching nursing with the University of Phoenix) and quite probably a new venture into a doctoral degree. We'll see. I have also been talking with my mom and toying with the idea of writing a book - again - we'll see.

Of course, we also have more Knit Witch fun to look forward to! If Knit Witch grows as much in 2010 as it has in 2009 we are going to need to make some serious decisions about how we want to continue handling this business moving forward. We really love Knit Witch but we don't want it to be out of control busy so we may need to focus efforts or change the way we do some things. We'll see. Ultimately - you all will be the ones that help us to make those decisions!

Wayne and I may get married again in April - what do you think??? I think we will be at Stitches South for our anniversary so we may have to get married again at the Scalini's dinner!!! Haha!

That's another thing - I need to start planning the Scalini's dinner for Stitches South! We don't want to miss out on that fun again. I'll let you all know when sign-ups are available. It should be next week.


Jane said...

See me madly waving my arm for dinner?????? Yes! Happy New Year.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh how cool would that be! So romantic! Renewing your vows is an awesome idea.