Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interesting Photos

Well, I don't know how interesting they are really - but I need a quickie post before we head out to Atlanta for the day!

Yesterday, I was walking Petey around downtown and I was wondering why there was all of this yellow "crime scene" tape around the train. Kind of unusual. Then I noticed that something was just not right about the train.


If you can't see that very well - the train is completely off of the track! I guess they are now waiting for a crane to help them get things back on track (literally!). I have no idea how this happened.

And, I snapped a couple of cute pics of our pets. This is Goose and Slim.

This is Goose, Slim and Missy - they are all pretty much inseparable.

And Mr. Petey.

Alright - I hope everyone has a good day and we'll be seeing some of you later at Only Ewe and Cotton Too!!

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