Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday when I posted I hadn't heard anything about the earthquake in Haiti yet. What a diaster that all is. When I watched the news last night they were having major trouble getting relief workers into the area due to some kind of problems with the airport in Port-au-Prince. I hope they have gotten that resolved as of today.

Knit Witch has donated $100 to Doctors Without Borders after I heard about the earthquake HERE on Stephanie's blog (why yes I do get all of my news from knitting blogs, why do you ask?). I know it isn't much but I also know that when we all pull together and donate to a cause we really make a huge contribution. I have sent Stephanie an email letting her know that she can add our donation to the total. If you are so inclined, please look at her blog as she has a lot of great instructions for donating to Doctors Without Borders so that our money can best accomplish the relief efforts that they are providing with their medical relief efforts.

Instead of buying a skein from Knit Witch this some people who really need it. I know they will certainly appreciate the help from so many nations once it is actually able to arrive. If you do decide to donate, drop Stephanie an email so that she can add it to her ongoing total for Knitters Without Borders. We knitters can accomplish great things by pulling together to help others.

I'll fill you in next week on our trip to Only Ewe and Cotton Too and my dad's place. We have some great pictures for you!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Take some time this weekend to send out some good thoughts and positive energy for the people affected by this disaster. Every little bit helps.


Jane said...

We are going to donate to Doctors Without Borders and CARE for the relief efforts. I love DWB, and we always give to them as part of our yearly contributions. Oh, and thanks for the quick ship on the yarn bowl - it's BEAUTIFUL!! And full of yarn.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

We donated to Doctor's Without Borders our hearts go out to Haiti.Hugs Darcy

Warlock said...

The credit card companies are trying to get ahead of this story, announcing they will temporarily waive the fees they charge on some Haiti-related charitable contributions for the next 6 weeks. But that's nowhere near enough. Many emergency donations to Haiti will still get hit with hefty bank fees. (To give a sense of how limited the exemption is, Doctors Without Borders isn't on any of the publicly available lists of charities that won't be charged fees.)