Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I almost forgot

Blood Oaks!!

A couple of weeks ago we made the treck over to Dahlonega (I swear I will never know how to spell that word correctly without looking it up) to see my son's band play. The weather was HORRIBLE for our drive over there but it was fun. They play in this shack like place that, as a mother, I almost want to say "Oh hell no - you are NOT going in THAT place to play!" but - it's all good. It's a scary run down kinda place that I would never eat or drink in but the kids have fun playing there so we go to be good supporters of our kids! They actually even have a CD out now - amazing!

This coming Friday Ian, one of our other kids, will be playing here in Blue Ridge for the opening of OUR NEW BREWERY!! Woo hooo!!!! We are so excited - both that the brewery is opening (and being run by a super awesome great couple) and that Ian will be here playing. He is bringing the bluegrass band, not the jazz band, so I think the people here will really enjoy them a lot. We'll have lots of pictures for you!

Now, believe it or not - February Lady actually has ONE SLEEVE now!!! If I ever get around to photographing it I will actually put some knitting on here. I also have another exciting annoucement for you that I can't wait to tell you about but I want to be sure everything is all finalized before I open my big mouth. Always something new and exciting around here!

Other than all of that we are spending a crazy amount of time getting ready for SAFF. I'll also take some pictures for you of what our downstairs space looks like right now - I actually have things stacked up now so it does not quite look like a hurricaine hit down here like it did yesterday. I should have taken the pictures yesterday!


Diane Bogino said...

Yup! That's MY grandson.

Brittany, obviously we do good work. : )


Turtle said...

Nice! Music is a good thing. We have been playing out more often lately as well, holiday seasons starting early i think! Wish we lived closer, knitting at the new brewery would be fun!