Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update on FLS

I THINK I may actually finish this thing before SAFF believe it or not. I am almost done with the second sleeve!!

I will try to get it finished by tomorrow then I will probably overdye it a bit since I paid no attention to lot numbers as I was knitting this. Then I gotta block it and pack it up for SAFF!! I'll have to try and find a couple of cool buttons for it at SAFF.

Here is what our office looks like right now. This is only a small portion of it. I am wondering how we are going to get all of this stuff into the trailer!

Nothing much else to report here. It is raining - AGAIN! I swear - we have had so much rain in the past month it is crazy! We want to start getting the trailer packed but we don't want to do it in the rain. I am hoping that the weather will be nice in Asheville. I don't mind it being cold I just hope that the rain will hold off for a few days!!

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jomamma said...

The sweater is beautiful! I know what you mean about the rain... It's been raining here in Texas for over a month. We finally had sun and cooler wind out of the north.