Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 4 Revisited

I managed to successfully get all the "lost images" replaced AND backed up on the other computer. Wow - seriously amazing that I was able to access all of those pictures! I can't explain it but I sure am glad it happened.

Key West Cemetary

Episcopal Church stained glass. Someone on the blog last week told me that they got married here. What is the name of this church? I figured that person would know!

And I totally forgot that we went to the Shipwreck Museum. The last shot is from the top of the tower that people used to stand on to watch for shipwrecks. Key West used to make it's living from shipwrecks. They would save all the people that they could and then take all of the ships contents, sell it at auction and share all the profits among all the Key West residents. Ships wrecked so often in this area this whole process made Key West residents the richest per capita for quite a while.

We also went to the Mel Fischer Museum but I don't think we got any pictures while we were there.


jomamma said...

I know you are happy to have saved the pictures... did you tell your hubby? B/c that would have been a great excuse to go back "honey, we have got to replace those pictures." And if you do go back... my cousin is the Manager of the Grand Keys resort. She does a fantastic 'friends and family' deal.

romelda said...

I am only too happy to help. St. Paul's Episcopal CHurch is the 4th on the site. Services were held in the current church starting in 1919 and most of the stained glass was installed around 1920. My grandparents and parents were confirmed and married there and I was also. It is still the family church and CHristmas services are very magical there. I am so happy that you liked it.

Laura Goff Parham said...

Those stained glass windows are gorgeous. Thanks for posting them.
Laura Goff Parham