Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knit Witch Blog Saves the World!

Catchy headline, eh? So, check this out. Remember all those pictures we lost? It totally sucked right and I was REALLY ticked at myself for a few days. In fact, when it happened I promptly started crying and decided that a glass of wine was in order. I looked and looked and looked and tried like mad to figure out a way to get the pictures back. I figured that it could probably be done but I am a very far cry from a computer expert. In fact, it gives me heebie jeebies to even use the words I, computer, and expert in the same sentence.

But, check this out. Yesterday, I was writing the post about the yarn shops and went to see if I had the pictures from Hanks. Nope. They were gone into the great oblivion with all the other long lost shots. But then, I noticed something weird - I pulled up my usual picture file through the blog and................ALL THE PICTURES WERE THERE!!!!!!!! I can't get to them through the actual file where they reside (which is totally weird) but I can get to them through the blog! So, I guess I will have to download a bunch of them to the blog and then get them off that way. Bizarre but it makes me infinitely happy that we have some access to our pictures again!!

So, I bring you - the Key West Aquarium!

Nurse Sharks

Moray Eel and Pufferfish

Lobster - I love lobsters - they are so cute! I was really sad that we had lost this picture

A grouper.

A sea turtle

And a little octopus

Are you all sick of Key West pictures yet? Now that I have them back I can share them with you so there will be more vacation pictures this week. I have actually knit about 5 inches on a sleeve of the FLS but honestly I think these pictures are much more interesting!


knittingdragonflies said...

Great photos, the lobster looks like a woman I work with.
Looks like your having a great time!

Turtle said...

lol B, glad the pics were rescued!