Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yarn Shops you ask?

Why YES! We did visit a few yarn shops while we were on vacation! Our first stop was Hanks Yarn and Fiber in Gainesville, FL. I can't say enough wonderful things about this shop!!! The gals who own this shop are simply awesome. The store is very laid back, very comfortable and we immediately felt like we belonged as soon as we walked in. This is my favorite type of yarn shop to visit.

The really cool thing about this yarn shop is that they do their own dyeing! They have a little dye kitchen right there in the shop and if you join their sock club they dye their own yarns just for the club - pretty cool, eh??

We didn't meet Ginger but Lorena and Sharon were there. Pictures you ask? Here's a picture of me and Sharon. Seriously - I love this woman. She is made of awesome. Hanks will be at SAFF also in the outdoor sales arena with us! I'm looking forward to having them as neighbors for a few days!

We also visited Knit 'n Knibble in Tampa. This was a great shop too. Caroline, the owner, was there to meet us and talk for a bit. She had several customers to attend to in the shop (always a good thing!) so we didn't stay long.

We tried a few times to visit Knit Wits in Key West but every time we managed to get by there it was closed though. They clearly had their days and hours on the door but we just couldn't manage to be in the right place at the right time. September is a slow time down there so a lot of the shops take vacations and cut their hours this time of the year. Unfortunately we weren't able to catch up with them though it looked like a lovely shop through the windows!


Turtle said...

how funny! hubby always laughs when we travel and i beg to stop in. (i actually will make a list with shop names and addys done by town when i know we are traveling areas.)

idyllicchick said...

We love having visitors! Love it love it! And your husband's remarkable photographic skills make me not look fat. Love that too!

It was such a pleasure to spend a few with you. I'm sorry I won't get to see you at SAFF, but you'll get to spend some goodly time with Ginger and our friend Erin who is a kick-ass cotton spinner and so very much fun. I'm already jealous!

Ginger said...

We love Hanks Yarn & Fiber here in Gainesville! Its our own little slice of heaven! You are right the girls there are awesome and more than willing to help. I so wish i could have met you, i have learned some tricky knitting stuff and a ton of crochet from your U-Tubes! Maybe next visit. thanks for writing such wonderful stuff about Gainesvilles great yarn shop!

The other Ginger