Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm slack

OK - I know, I'm slack. I didn't get around to putting up my Monday post yesterday! Yesterday we spent the day kayaking on Lake Blue Ridge so I'll post some pictures of that for you tomorrow. In the meantime - here's some shop news:

If you are in one of our clubs - the July club shipments went out today! You should have your packages this week.

We have a new and improved newsletter sign up thingy on the website. Hopefully, this will work better than the method I have been using in the past. Now I just have to learn how to use it and get all 600 or so newsletter subscriber email addresses added into the new system.

The yarn for the sock summit all got shipped today! I am hoping to get the prize yarn out for the colorway naming contest out tomorrow - so if you are expecting prize yarn you will hopefully be getting it this week.


Turtle said...

check those things off the list as done!

Williams Arena said...

Hi! When I googled "German Cast-On," your YouTube video is what popped up first. I then checked out your web site and blog and found out we are neighbors.

I live next door in Blairsville. I just finished my first sock knitting class at Mountain Yarn this afternoon. I plan to bookmark your blog and visit.

With warm regards, Amy