Friday, July 10, 2009

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Anyone ever been there? It is really a beautiful place. Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is in North Carolina and is one of the only virgin hardwood forests east of the Mississippi. The trees here are HUGE. We hadn't been there in a couple of years so we decided to take a ride there. It is about 1.5 hours from our house or so. Here are a few pictures.

The water there is amazing. It flows into the beautiful Santeetlah Lake.

We saw 3 different snakes - very unusual that we saw so many of them up close. They were all pretty darn big too. All of these are black rat snakes. Someone on the trail told us to be careful because there was a baby Copperhead right up the trail. Well, it was a millipede - close. Someone needs a little help with their snake identification.

Here's a picture of us with Petey and our neighbor Liz with Petey. Petey sure had a great time. I packed him a peanut butter sandwich - his favorite part of the trip!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We'll be getting stuff packed up for the Sock Summit!!!


Samantha said...

LOL @ the "baby copperhead" ... too funny. :) The pictures are beautiful


lovely! thanks for taking me.

juniperloops said...

Papal Poo! Big trees are the best! The person who saw the "baby copperhead" must have left their bifocals in their SUV. Good luck packing for SS09! You've been working hard!

TURBOchic said...

Thanks for the location! Now I know what Matt and I will be doing this weekend with the dog.