Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can you smell this??

Do you know what this is?

That is cilantro that I pulled from the garden the other day. To be more exact - it is SIXTEEN POUNDS of cilantro that I pulled from the garden. I tell ya, I have never seen so much cilantro in my life!

We LOVE cilantro and I learned how to preserve it. You just go through it and cut it into useable pieces (get rid of all the tough stems, bad leaves, roots, etc), wash it, mix it with just a little bit of oil (just enough to coat it lightly), place it in freezer bags and freeze it. It sounds like a really simple process but when you are doing 16 pounds of it - it takes a while! I am almost done though. When you preserve it like this you just go to the freezer and take out however much you need. The oil on the leaves just makes it easy to separate the amount you need even though it is frozen. You have to use it right away though - don't let it sit around on the counter and linger - take it out and use it in your meal right then. I am so excited to have fresh cilantro all through the winter now! Woo hoo!!

Oh, and the main reason I am posting this information and the pictures should be stated. If you are expecting yarn from me this week or early next week (and there are a lot of you out there), your yarn may very well smell like cilantro. So sorry about that........I can think of a lot worse things it could smell like though!! :)

That's just a joke. I don't think the yarn will REALLY smell like cilantro but just in case........

I may actually finish the body of the February Lady Sweater tonight! So, I could (theoretically of course - you understand) have a picture of some knitting tomorrow. Knitting that actually does not have needles in it!! Wow.

I am working my way through all of these orders for the Dye for Glory yarns. I think I may almost be caught up! I am hoping to have all the pending orders that I currently have out by Friday so you should be getting your yarns soon!!


evilsciencechick said...

jealous! my pot of cilantro withered and died - too young, not even a single harvest!

Turtle said...

yum! We half dry ours and the other half i stick fresh in the blender with a big of garlic and onion and then freeze in ice cube trays. Pop them out into a palstic baggie and ready for salsa, soups, etc through the winter! I also do this with basil but add garlic and a bit of evoo, step one to pesto

Farmer Jen said...

Good herb preserving ideas. Thank you!