Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Clover Tea

Anyone ever made this? I read about this on a gardening blog and then of course had to go out and promptly collect a bunch of red clover that we had growing in our yard. We brought it home, rinsed it off and put it in the food dehydrator. I haven't made any tea with it yet but I go through tea like crazy in the winter so I'm always up for having more tea around. I would be interested in hearing anyone's experiences with drying your own herbs for teas.

Speaking of drying herbs - we have been fortunate enough to be drying a BUNCH of parsley and basil. Thank goodness because I go through a ton of those two herbs! I have also frozen a bunch of cilantro, another one of my favorite herbs.

Luckily, to help with all of our canning and drying herb adventures we also made another purchase from our local book and wine shop - woo hoo!!!


Turtle said...

lol, is that to help you mentally with the processing or actually used in the production!!? Know how you feel though, just waiting for the tomatoes and cukes to be ready to process! (then it's apples, pears, peaches.....)

Hockey Mom said...

Heh, exactly what I would use to help! Everything you guys have accomplished is inspiring!

We may end up on your doorstep - we'll be running from karmageddon!

go there and post the question to her! she will have the answer! i promise! she is my go to for most everything. i have several postings reference her on my blog for no poo and making your own hairspray.