Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Wild East

I have managed to capture a few shots of random animals around here over the past couple of weeks. We have a Little Blue Heron that keeps hanging around our pond. I hear him almost everyday but he has eleuded capture via the camera as of yet. I will keep stalking him.
First up - baby Blue Jay. We had a pair of Blue Jays build a nest right outside of our bedroom window. It was so fun to sit in bed in the morning with our coffee and watch mom and dad sit on the eggs, then start feeding little tiny babies and then have the honking babies flowing out of the nest. The whole process took about 4 weeks. I never did get any pictures when they were tiny but here are two pictures of the last baby on his first day out of the nest. These were taken through our bedroom window so, hence the glare.

Next - bullfrog. We hardly ever get to see these guys just hanging out in open space. This one is in the pond at the bottom of the hill where we walk every day. Can you see him? He is almost right in the middle of the picture just to the left of center.

Finally, look at this cute little juvenile wild rabbit! We see these rabbits along our road just about every time we leave the house and come home. We have lots of them around here. Luckily, they have not discovered our garden yet. I think the cats help to keep them away - at least during the day. We took this one as we were driving down the road and he just stopped like he was posing for a picture. Isn't he cute?!?!


grace said...

I love the little wild hare! We have them in our neighborhood and see them sometimes at night. I absolutely adore them.


you know i love those critter pictures!

Grace said...

the bullfrog was tricky but I found him!!!

cocoa and blankets said...

fabby Pics, I love your yarn bowls do you post to the uk and if so how much...Helen