Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Over the weekend our good friends Pam and Kelly came to visit us. The last time they were here we had JUST moved in and they helped us lay the first floor that we put in for the upstairs bedroom. Seriously, that's how you weed out your friends - ask them to come help you put in flooring.

They couldn't believe how much we (read: Wayne) have done to the house in a year. They rode the train while they were here. Here is a picture of the train coming in and some action shots of them on the train. From L-R is Kelly, Pam and their friend Alicia. Pam and Kelly are the proud new owners of our former dashund, Leo. They gave him to us and they still have his mom and brother so he is totally in daschund heaven. A few hours worth of a visit from them while Pam and Kelly were here gave us an excellent reminder as to why he is no longer here. We like those LOW maintenance pets like Petey!

Check out Mr. Studly sitting beside them, right? YIKES!!

The day before they came we went to a nice little dinner on the balcony of the coffee shop (L&L Beanery) right in the middle of downtown. Here are a couple of shots of the dinner and of the view of downtown.

I love it when people offer to take pictures of Wayne and I. I feel like we are always taking pictures of all kinds of stuff but we so rarely get pictures of the two of us together!! Thanks for taking the picture Diane! Oh, and if you want to see some crazy cool miniature wood working - check out her site. WOW! She is also a knitter and spinner which makes her extra cool!

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