Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Gardening

Well since we just don't have anything better to do around here we decided to put in ANOTHER garden! We have this great little piece of flat area and we weren't really doing anything with it. We thought that since that area gets lots of sun it would be a great place for another garden. Turns out, the soil there was really good. We also added about 30 bags of mushroom compost and we ended up with this.

Here is how the original garden is looking.

And Wayne and I also built this:

We have had 4 grape plants hanging around in pots for months because we needed to build a trellis for them. After a lot of debate about where it should go we settled on this location. Wayne and I (mostly Wayne) got it built and we finally were able to get the grape plants in the ground. YAY!

Oh, and look who moved in down the street!!!

SHEEP!!!!! Aren't they cute?!?! I'll have to work on getting some better pictures of them.


LittleWit said...

That's a lot of gardens! I wish we had the space for all that. We could even try to live off the land. :)


looking good: garden and neighbors!

Turtle said...

jealous of the neighbors! the new soil looks great! been spending every morning here in the garden, then it hits 90 and i go melt and knit or read. It's 730 pm and 84 in the house (and ours is cool compared to the neighbors!)