Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Stuff

I knit almost NOTHING for Christmas this year. Turns out - it's a lot less stressful that way! I also learned that crochet washcloths go A LOT faster than knitted washcloths. So, I did make a few of those to put in the baskets we made. I can't show you everything just yet (yeah, like my whole family reads this blog!) so I'll just give you a couple of snippets.

Here's one of the baskets we made. It has some homemade jams, tea, handmade soap from Rosi, crocheted washcloths and a bird nest material holder thingy (what in the world do you call those things?). I save all of my scrap yarn from cutting ends and such - which is A LOT around here from skeining and re-skeining the yarns. The birds love these little bits to put in their nests in the Spring. So, I crocheted this little holder (it's so easy it takes about 20 minutes to make one), stuffed it with a bunch of ends and then you put it in a tree in Spring for the birds to enjoy! I will write down the pattern soon and share it - just haven't gotten around to it just yet.

We had a little gift exchange with our neighbor. You saw one of the things we gave her yesterday, the coffee mug, and then she also got a little basket full of goodies from us. She gave us lots of little goodies too that I loved!!!

This is a book with a large pad of paper and a pencil in it. I love the book, it matches our guest room perfectly! And notepad paper is always handy to have around this place.

This is a handpainted berry bowl - so cute!!!

Handmade soap in fragrance "Winter Solstice" so very appropriate and SO WONDERFUL in the shower this morning! I love handmade soap.

This is a dragonfly pin (I love dragonflies!) and a little crocheted ditty that she picked up from a woman who is like 90 and just spends all of her time doing crochet. Please pardon the fact that these pictures were taken on my dye table!

I forgot to get a picture of the really nice birdwatching book she gave us also. I'll have to do a separate post on it so that I can show you lots of details about it - it is really neat!

Well, Knit Witch is officially closed for the holidays as of tomorrow. We will be spending time with family - having a great time no doubt. I'm sure there will be a few humorous stories after the holidays!!


Turtle said...

Hey B, sweet gifts both given and received! (love the ball yarn birdie nest builder) Enjoy your holiday!!!

Sara said...

Lovely gifts...

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Farmer Jen said...

Have a happy holiday!

Jane said...

Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Man!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOHHH!! I LOVE butterfies too!! Everything is gorgeous!

LittleWit said...

Your gifts look great! Merry Christmas! :)