Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wild (and Domestic) Life

We woke up this morning and LOOK what was in our pond!!!!!!!!!

I know, the picture isn't great but it was all I could get before they flew away. This is the first time we have seen ducks in our pond. Apparently these are Hooded Mergansers. Two males and a female to be exact. Mr. Man and I had just talked about putting a wood duck house on the pond a couple days ago. Nice to know that ducks find our pond inviting! Here's a picture from the website above that shows what these cuties look like up close! Fancy aren't they?

Now onto domestic life. Check out the cats - this is the wood basket next to the wood stove that the cats have claimed as their warm, happy place. Yes, that's all three cats squeezed into the basket.

I think Slim needs to lose a pound or two - what do you think?


Turtle said...

so pretty! i knew they were wood ducks but not the specific. folks are always asking me what we see as we cross the ferry to work, lol, i have become the wilderness queen somehow!

LittleWit said...

They look so cozy. I think I could be tempted to curl up with them :)

Jane said...

It's a shame your cats are so tense.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the ducks are beautiful!!! How cool!!!!

Farmer Jen said...

Beautiful ducks! I've never seen that kind before. I love how your cats enjoy cuddling with each other. Mine keep a distance between them, but do share the couch or loveseat while napping. Yours look so cozy and warm there by the woodstove.