Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We do not speak of the Ravlympics

There's a reason we aren't talking about the olympic project. I don't think it has a snowballs chance in hell of getting done. I simply haven't been able to take the time to sit down and work on it as much as I would like. Yesterday, we were crazy busy with yarn bowls and fiber and canning. I actually dyed my first fiber!!! I don't think it really looks that great but it was a learning experience for sure. I can definitely see the value of mixing your own colors. I didn't mix these colors - just used them straight out of the bottle just to get some experience with what they look like. So, the colors came out too "pure" looking for me if that makes any sense. They are almost done drying.

Can I just tell you that I am totally winging it here? I have no idea what I am doing. I have a couple of books and they have definitely helped but this is definitely a trial by fire sort of thing. Anyone out there that dyes fiber that would like to share their source for blank fiber?? I got this from Dharma Trading Company but I think I can probably get a better deal somewhere else - especially if I can find someplace that will wholesale to a business. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Here's a look at the dying kitchen in action. Mr. Man made this cool hangy downy thingy that I can put the yarn on to soak parts of it in the pot. It's totally adjustable which is why it isn't hanging straight. I can fix it to hold different yarns at different depths.

Here's some other views of the mess.

Here's peach jam and yummy marinara all ready to put up.

As far as Hey Teach goes, I have the back and most of the left front done. I'll post pictures tomorrow - maybe I will actually have a little more done by then.


LittleWit said...

You're making me want to play in my kitchen. I really wish I had time to just stop and play in our house! :)

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

I can't wait to try dyeing the yearn. And even if you find the colours too bold, I am sure they'll make a nice pair of socks, or maybe mittens, or even a scarf!

Hockey Mom said...

I finished my socks but won't get my other project done. Don't feel bad, just do what you can.

You can overdye the whole thing in a grey dye solution and it will tone it down. Or even a dye made from tea bags. Get a 3-4 fam size tea bags, boil the heck out of it, then put the yarn in. And, Dharma has the best prices I've found so far. Have you tried asking them if they sell wholesale?

barrel_racer_82 said...

You might ask Heather for some pointers on dyeing and for good whole-salers. But she might not want to share trade secrets with potential competition!

Turtle said...

for myself i have just been picking up the Bare from knitpicks. I like the yarn, they have a few varieties, and i compared it price per yard to a few other companies (even wholesale) and it seemed abetter deal. May have to check out other links as well!
When i dye i actually brush the color on and then wrap carefully in saran wrap and steam the color set, so i never actually submerge the yarn and risk felting. There are so many different techniques!
Nice peaches and marinara! i have been waiting for the tomatoes to turn green for salsa and sauce but did get peach liquor started this weekend, i missed the bulk peach man the other day! he sold out early.

Mary said...

I don't dye much, but I've heard many indy dyers go through Henry's Attic. They have lots of options and wholesale accounts.

theyarnwhisperer said...

I'm just wondering where the easter eggs are!

Knit Witch said...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on the yarn!! Hockeymom - I definitely have plenty of tea around this place!

Oh and I don't really know how much competition I am going to be - I seriously can't even match colors. I did another batch last night though and it definitely came out better. I'll post pictures soon!

LizzieK8 said...

It looks like Dharma has some pretty good prices. Their skein of Wildefoot ($19.15) is enough for too large pairs of socks. Most hand dyed yarns are more than that for a single pair of socks. ($22.00)

Yes, wholesale should be less expensive, but Dharma looks like a good place to learn from!

knitting dragonfly said...

Oooo yummy!!
The yarn and the canned items!

Firefly Nights said...

Another Mr. Man project? I can't stand it. Daddy Dawg does one a month, if I'm VERY lucky.