Monday, August 18, 2008

When in Rome............

Yep, we went to Rome. Georgia that is!!! Rome is about an hour and a half from Blue Ridge and we decided on the spur of the moment to go there for a visit. My aunt emailed me and let me know that my dad was coming the next day for a visit. So, we decided to load up, drive there and surprise him! We had SUCH a fun day!!! My aunt cooked us a scrumptious brunch, then we played cards (yeah, Wayne and I lost) and I laughed so much my face was sore by the end of the game! Then we all went to dinner at the BEST FREAKING ITALIAN RESTAURANT EVER again. There just happens to be one in Rome - yeah I know, another shameless plug for my dad's restaurant - so what?!?!

Here's some pics - here's me and one of my favorite guys in the whole world (my dad):

Here's two of my other favorite guys in the world. This is Mr. Man and my cousin's husband PJ. PJ is one of my most favorite people. He is an MD and insists on referring to his scrubs as a "hero suit". Haha!! He keeps trying to get me to come back to nursing and work for him. Ain't gonna happen.

Anyone else think there might be something a little "funny" going on here?????

Here's my aunt, me and my dad:

Here's my aunt, me, my cousin Stephanie and my dad. If I had my hair down (I know, I never do - it's too freakin hot) you would see that Steph and I have pretty much the same hair.

Steph and PJs daughter, Peyton, is in this picture. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of her older brother, Brennen. He is probably too tall to fit in the camera frame anyway! Nathan couldn't come, unfortunately, and he was definitely missed - especially by Brennen!

We had SUCH a good time and will be anxiously awaiting their visit to the new digs in Blue Ridge! We are so glad we were able to just pick up and take a road trip.

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