Sunday, June 1, 2008

Of Cutie Pies and Yarn Bowls

Check 'em out!

Also, we found these tree frogs hanging out on the side of our house yesterday. We have SO MANY frogs around here - it is amazing. In the evenings, it sounds like a loud nature chorus. The frogs were so loud the other night they were drowing out Mr. Man's guitar playing.

AND...........NEW YARN BOWLS ARE FINALLY UP! Go check them out HERE. We will be getting another batch up in probably a week or so but this is a good start anyways.

I still haven't frogged back on the sock. I only have like 18 stitches to frog back so I'm just being pathetic. Maybe updated pictures of the sock soon.


KSee said...

Man, those are some big frogs

vanfox23 said...

hi there! I just wanted to tell you that I think you taught me how to cast off! I made a dishcloth and I was so determined to follow the pattern that I never once thought about how to finish a project! I searched the web and found a video on youtube I believe that you did. It was posted by i just assume it was you...if it was thank you very much!!! it helped me finish a project!!!

knitting dragonfly said...

The frogs are incredible, thanks for the pics, love the kittens.