Thursday, May 29, 2008


Things are moving along though they aren't really looking much better. This place still looks like a tornado came through. I unpacked a bunch of stuff in the kitchen today. Mr. Man glazed the new yarn bowls and there is a batch getting their final firing as we speak! We should be able to fire the next batch late tomorrow and then have them up on the site by Sunday - woo hoo!!!

Amia is coming along also. We will be doing a little more work on that tomorrow too. Tomorrow we are unloading more of the POD that came today, working on the upstairs floor and finishing bowls and doing the bowl and yarn pictures for the websites. Sounds like fun, eh?? :) We were going to try and make it to the drive in movie theater tonight but the movie does not start until 9 and we are already about ready for bed since we are so tired from working around the house all day (it's only 8 right now).

The kittens are doing great! They seem much happier now and are running around and playing all the time. They are still a little skittish when I go to pick them up but they have improved immensely since we got them. We have decided on the name Willow for the little girl kitty and Goose for the little boy kitty.

It sure is hard to get them to sit still or both look in the same direction at the same time! Check out the geese - they are getting bigger!

Oh..........and I have absolutely no knitting to report. I was working more on the socks, then I crossed a cable the wrong way, frogged it, redid the cable, continued on and realized that I crossed the same cable in the wrong friggin' direction AGAIN! So, said sock is unfrogged waiting for me to come back and tackle it again. I must have been tired!


Turtle said...

Things look like life on the "farm" are progressing smoothly though! Looks nice. Can't wait to see the new bowls.

Calicoknits said...

I screwed up the ribbing on the comfort socks about 4 times before I remembered that I had picked up a stitch to close the heel gap . Once I K2Tog'd the count was right & I moved on. Such a dumbass.

Sue said...

Those kittens are adorable!

I'm new to knitting, you actually helped me learn to knit through your videos on youtube. I am just learning socks. I finally finished one and of course it is too small but that's okay, at least I can finish one but I did the same thing you did only not just twice. I keep messing up and I'm awful at working backwards so I get frustrated and frog it. hehe