Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wanna see something sad?

Yep, that's our daschund with a very fancy ear bandage on. Remember how excited I was about going out for Mexican food last night? Well, we went to our friends house to meet them and all leave together. We brought Leo because our friends have Leo's mom and his nephew so they like to all hang out and play. It's like daschund mania when they are all together. So, we get back from dinner and there is blood all over their kitchen floor and all over their white carpet. We go through checking all the dogs to see who is bleeding and where they are bleeding from. Of course, it's our dog that is bleeding. His whole head was covered in blood so I had to get some towels and wipe the blood off to see where it was coming from. In my mind I'm thinking "I do NOT want to go to the darn emergency clinic tonight!!" We orginally thought the blood was coming from his neck but thank goodness it was his ear.

Now granted, the fact that it was his ear bleeding and not his neck was definitely a good thing. However, ears bleed like the dickens so there was no way to stop the bleeding because if we got it stopped it would start up again as soon as he moved or shook his head. We had to put him in the bathtub before taking him home. I'm telling ya, the whole house looked like a crime scene. So, I held pressure on Leo's ear all the way home and then gave him this very fancy bandage when we got here.

I have some suture material so I could throw a stitch or two in it but I'm just going to leave the bandage on for a couple of days and see if we can't just get away with that. We'll see - I may be sewing the little guy up yet.

Now the ironic part of this story is that the darn dog lives with a pit bull for a year and a half and doesen't get a scratch on him. Turn him loose with an 8 pound daschund nephew though - and he's injured enough to loose all his blood. I told Mr. Man we had to get the bleeding stopped because he was bleeding SO MUCH and the little guy probably only has a pint of blood in him!


Jane said...

Yikes! Poor little guy.

Cindy said...

Poor baby! Your dachsund looks just like my Chipper. Your spinning is looking great!!!!!!!!!

Carol said...

Jeeze! What a thing to come back to! Knit that boy some ear guards!

funfairiegirl said...

Apparently Leo saw Stitchy on my blog and got jealous! Poor guy!

Kelly said...

A message from the friend....Poor Leo... out for a night on the town with Mom (Sadie)and his new nephew (Amos) and Uncle Casey (the big dog).... our pile of pups were so happy we were back!... and then the bloody ear.... We are thinking about you Leo.... hope Wayne and Brittney let you come back to visit soon.... wear a knit cap over those ears!