Sunday, February 10, 2008

For your viewing pleasure

Here is my first plying attempt with two strands that actually resembled a single ply:

Here is the one I plied several weeks ago with stuff that did NOT resemble single ply. This was my very first practice attempt at plying:

The latest attempt is much better, eh?? It really is amazing how much work goes into creating handspun yarn.

I was going to try and make it to Knitch today for spinning day but I just don't see it happening. I have way too much going on here today and I have several jobs I need to get finished up. So, unfortunately, I gotta get some stuff done around here. We have a load of stuff just coming out of the kiln that needs to be glazed and then refired, I have buttons to finish up before the next firing, I have a database job thingy that needs to be finished before it drives me (and the recipient) nuts and we are working on the spindle bowls today also. PLUS Mr. Man has some graphic design to work on for a new upcoming yarn company out of North Georgia. When I am able to release more details about it you guys are going to love it!

Thanks everyone for your sympathy on poor little peanut's ear. Aimee, he might have gotten jealous of "stitchy" but we are trying NOT to go there! I'm leaving the bandage on until tomorrow when the vet is open so at least if we do have to go get it stitched we don't have to pay emergency vet prices to get it done. It is something I could very easily stitch (will probably only require 1 maybe 2 sutures) but if it does need to be stitched it is going to be a bloody mess. So, might as well take him in to have it done any save myself the mess from debriding and stitching. HOPEFULLY, we will take the bandage off tomorrow and it will be healed enough to not be bleeding anymore though - we'll see.

Oh and Melissa is coming over tomorrow all the way from Peachtree City to help me make some stitch markers and play with making buttons. It should be a fun afternoon but I gotta get this place in order a little bit so we have some room to work!!!


Diane said...

Your yarn looks great!

LittleWit said...

Just wanted to let you know that your newest fan of your yarn bowls is an unlikely candidate.

My 14 year old brother loves the yarn bowl we raffled off at Sticks N Stitches tonight. He was hoping to win it but alas it went to someone else. Now he's talking about how he should probably get one for his knitting. :) (You know that knitting that he works on only when I say "Hey Busta, how's your knitting coming along?")

Carol said...

Nice yarn! Just like with knitting, a little practice goes a long way! Good luck getting everything done :)

funfairiegirl said...

You made YARN!

and Stitchy comes out on Thursday morning! We shall mourn the loss of Stitchy!