Monday, February 4, 2008

Alpaca Mania

I have been wanting to post this for a few days now but I felt that Ponce deserved his very own post yesterday. So, without further delay - we received our alpaca processing back from Georgia Mountain Fiber!!! As many of you may remember, back in October, we brought my dad's alpaca shearings up to Blue Ridge, GA to be processed. Some of it was spun and some of it was made into roving. We went to pick it up on Friday it all turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can not believe how gorgeous and soft it is. If anyone has alpaca or llama hair to be processed I HIGHLY recommend Georgia Mountain Fiber. They did a beautiful job and they were so friendly and wonderful to work with. When we dropped off the fiber they gave us a tour of their processing facility - so that was really neat to see all the stages and processes that the fiber goes through.

We dropped off 30# of fiber and this is the spun fiber we got back:

Here is Onyx's:

Here is Paco's:

Here is Sterling's (you can't really tell here but this is a beautiful silver):

Here is Prent's:

And we got a bag of "alpaca surprise" that they happened to have there. I LOVE this - it's just a conglomeration of fibers that have been dropped off there. I can't wait to knit up some fun stuff with this!

Here is the roving - this is the remainder of all of their fleece processed together. Good thing I am learning how to spin, huh?

And, on another note, thank you so much to everyone who left comments of support about our beloved Ponce. We got Mr. P back today and put him in one of our handmade pottery urns. He is in the burgundy one next to Shelby who is in the green one. This is really not a collection I would like to add to anytime in the near future. But, we sure are glad to have him back home.

I have much information to update everyone on but I'm just going to have to pace myself and spread it out through the posts this week. So..........stay tuned!


Hockey Mom said...

That's a beautiful urn.

The alpaca is gorgeous! The alpaca surprise would make a great sideways scarf with all those different stripes!

Lisa said...

The yarns look absolutely yummy! And look at all that gorgeous roving!! You've got plenty of fiber to practice spinning with now.

theyarnwhisperer said...

that yarn looks absolutely yummy. I especially like Prent's contribution.

Carol said...

What beautiful urns, very special. The fiber? Well I'm jealous ;-)

LittleWit said...

Wow that is a lot of alpaca! The boy would love to just sit in your living room and pet it, maybe rub a little on his chin. :) Someday I will find a good alpaca project to make for him...