Monday, October 8, 2007

Holy Cannoli!

WOW! We have a BUNCH of alpaca hair! Here's what we came home with.

We sorted and labeled it all to take to the fiber mill. There is simply too much of it for us to clean, card and spin ourselves. We will just go ahead and get most of it spun and then we will have some made into roving for us to spin. There must be at least 50#. It is gorgeous too! I can't wait! I called a place up in Blue Ridge today that specializes in alpaca fiber so Wayne and I are going to drive it up there to drop it off probably on Friday. Here's all the fiber after it was sorted.

Here's some pictures from the farm yesterday. Baby Harmony has grown so much already!! She is precious!!! Dolly, the pony, is preggers so we should have a really cute baby pony sometime around April!!!! :)
This is Dolly's last baby - Rayna. Sadly, she met an unfortunate demise - it was terrible.
This is Sissy. She is our favorite goat and SO sweet. I think she would be a "lap goat" if we let her!


Hockey Mom said...

OOOooohhhh, 'paca! Thanks for pretty pics, I love me some fiber "on the hoove" pics!

theyarnwhisperer said...

lap goat. hmmmmm. now that's an intersting concept.

cindybmw2004 said...

I love the kitchener stitch also. Once you learn it, it is pretty easy! :) Going to spin huh? I have to give you a lot of credit! :) Good luck with that!