Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yarn Bowls!

I have had several emails asking me about the next round of Yarn Bowls. Well, we put them up on the site so go check 'em out. If you want one you better act quick because we just put them up yesterday and have already sold two (make that three) of them! They don't hang around long. Here's a sampling:

Oh, and yeah, yeah I know Aimee and Erin - it's master's Tuesday. Whatever. Master's Smasters. I'm ticked off at the master' program (read: at myself) right now. Remember how I was having so much trouble with the blocking??? I couldn't figure out why because I was using 100% wool. Yeah, uh huh.....perhaps I should try reading the
to find the actual content of the yarn. So, duh, it's not blocking because it has ACRYLIC in it!!!!

What to do, what to do.......I know it is an acceptable yarn to use but my blocking looks like crap (duh, duh, duh) so I think I am just going to start over (with ACTUAL wool) and do it right.

OK - how many people feel sorry for me now? Good - go buy a yarn bowl!


funfairiegirl said...

oh noes!!!!!!!!!!

Stitchy says, "bwahahahahaha!" but I smacked him around and he is now whimpering in pain.

Hockey Mom said...

Aww, poor little witchy! I hate it when that happens.

You know what to do. KNIT

Carol said...

Ruh rohhhhh...I love my yarn bowl!!! I'll be getting another as a prezzie....shhhh

LittleWit said...

Hugs and lots of commiseration (sp?) in re stupid non wool yarn.

Mom and are I impressed with the yarn bowl. I think next time I organize an event the donations requirement will have to be one for me and one for the actual prize! :)